Teas From The Trees

Pleasantea is the newest product offering from Emerald Canning Partners, hitting shelves just in time for spring. We are launching with three mouth-watering flavors: Lemon, Peach and Raspberry. Each one comes in a 16oz can with 10mg of nano-emulsified cannabis inside which will get you feeling pleasant faster than traditional edibles.

As the weather starts to warm up, we want to make sure our friends have something delicious to throw in the cooler. These teas have a higher dosage, taste great, and lift your spirits quicker than almost anything else on the market. Plus, at $5 a can they’re super friendly on the wallet. They’re perfect to sip out in the sun or grab from the fridge when you’re heading out the door. And don’t worry about any hangovers – these teas are alcohol and hangover free, so sip away at your leisure.

Pleasanteas are best served ice cold & enjoyed with your friends. We hope they keep you feeling pleasant throughout the spring and summer.

It’s great weed, to a tea. Cheers!


Perfectly balanced and ready to party.


It’s fresh, it’s smooth, it’s in season 24/7.


Lemon mixed with iced tea… ever heard of it?

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